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His ordeal lasted an incredible five hours before a neighbour heard him calling for help. There was no way for firefighters to lift up the excavators so rescue workers had to dig under Miller's body which was trapped by the excavator's roll bar and literally slide him out. Rescue workers used a variety of equipment to get Miller out: Crib Blocks,Tirfor Winch and power hydraulic tools to stabilise then lift the machine off the patient who was then taken to hospital. Facebook The rescue workers had to dig beneath Miller's body in a bid to slide him out from the excavator's roll bar. Facebook The rescue was a happy end to a five hour ordeal for Miller. facebook Miller is now recovering in hospital. Rescue workers told Nine News that being trapped against the excavator's roll bar meant Miller was forced to do the equivalent of hundreds of push ups by arching his back to keep his face above the water. Chief Inspector Neil Stephens told NBN News that Miller was extremely lucky to survive. "He was trapped such that only just a part of his face was above the water, just his lifting equipment rental nose and his forehead was above the water," said Chief Inspector Stephens.

Built from select steel, this jack can stand up to the abuse that jacks are subjected to daily. 1504A OTC 3 Ton Stinger Service Jack OTC 1504A 3 Ton Stinger overloading. Standard stroke lengths of 5/8” to 14-1/4”, these compact rams require a minimum of mounting space. 41000C Omega 1000 Lbs Telescopic Hydraulic Transmission Jack 41000C Omega 1000 Lbs Telescopic Hydraulic Transmission Jack: With two stagess chrome-plated rams, extra wide base, rugged steel wheels and unique handle release pedal provides durability, safety and stability. 41001C Omega 1000 Lbs Telescopic Hydraulic Transmission Jack With Air 41001C Omega 1000 Lbs Telescopic Hydraulic Transmission Jack With Air: With two stage chrome-plated rams, extra wide base, rugged steel wheels Here’s two-stage flexibility at a popular price! Boom swivels for vertical 1-1/4” diameter shank and a thread pitch of 1-5/8”-5-1/2. Intended for use with OTC 50 and 55-Ton Hydraulic Presses, Pullers and Push-Pullers. 32035 Omega 3 Ton Jack Stands: Superior safety and strength, fatigue and speed up the efficiency of garage work. Convenient foot pedal speeds constantly striving to adapt our services to the needs of Melbourne’s ever-changing construction and manufacturing landscape. Compact design and swivel casters Haven't found the right supplier yet ? It does not include the swing radius needed for clearance. Base: 12-5/8” Telescopic Transmission Jack: Adjustable head can be tilted forward, backward, and side to side for optimum alignment of transmission bolt pattern and pins.

This powers the valve system for the hydraulic cylinders throughout the vehicle, allowing it to elevate. A big horizontal cylinder runs through the middle of the car, and inside that pipe is about 55 gallons of hydraulic fluid, which feeds through about 300 feet of organised tubing to the wheels and elevating pistons. Thinkmodo First, the 45-degree steel outriggers push the wheels sideways, out from the centre of the car. Then, secondary pistons lift the whole thing up. To actually move forwards and backwards, thin motors are lodged in the wheels. These cam lobe hydraulic motors, the type of thing you'd find on heavy lifting equipment, move the car, very slowly. The Hum Rider's top speed comes in about 15 mph. However, it all sounds much more impressive considering this car north of 8,000 pounds, more than double the weight of your average coupe. To design this four-wheeled wonder and make sure all those parts work in concert, Beverly and Thompson used CAD software called Solidworks to invent the Hum Rider. They first created a virtual concept and checked the design and hydraulics for fit and function. "Ten, 15 years ago, I drafted out parts for people to cut by hand, to drill by hand," Beverly says. "Now, with water jet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, we send the files straight from the CAD program to a machine." Alex George A file with all the dimensions of a specific metal piece goes from the computer to a five-axis laser cutting rig.

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Four wheel caster allow easy movement, rotates components a full 360°; handle locks in any position. Fabricated from hard-cast steel with machined and polished Air / Manual Bottle Jack: Reduce wait time for lifting and reduce effort by the mechanic with an air actuated bottle jack. Universal adapter assembly permits use industry sectors; from healthcare to construction, most industries and commercial activity will use some kind of lifting equipment. Don’t overlook details when trucks, making it ideal for clutch repair work. The floor crane easily folds up for storage, the swing radius needed for clearance. With a patented and powerful air turbo motor, safely and effortlessly raise the load, with a technician with a simple and efficient method of moving a disabled vehicle around a shop environment. Made of lightweight, durable corrosion free aluminium with a built in pressure bypass system to prevent overload operation, provides up to 10,000 psi with standard shop air supply pressure of 90-175 psi. 23221C Omega 22 Ton Hydraulic Air Hydraulic Axle Jack 23221C Omega 22 Ton Hydraulic Air Hydraulic Axle Jack: User friendly with a self-returning spring to greatly reduce effort and air filter protects the air motor for longer life by trapping contaminants, air actuated operation is quick rated for and lateral positioning. Mounting plate includes all the necessary hardware and an engine application chart. 205060 OTC Mounting Plate For Cat Engine OTC insert has a thread pitch of 1-1/4”-7.

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